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Have a nice September for you all! Sajangnims decided to make the TGEVENT early since so many events in queue xD We will have a TRANSGENDER DAY on Saturday, September 6th 2014. Make sure to join us if you curious about it ;)


On that day, you have to change your character to someone who have the opposites gender as you. For example, you are Joy of Red Velvet, and on that day you could change your character to Jungkook of BTS.

You don’t have to change your username, you could just change your bio, location, display picture and of course display name into someone you want.

We will have this event from 12.00 AM KST - 11.59 PM KST. This is a whole day event, so don’t worry if you couldn’t join us at some certain times.

you could ask something to us through tumblr’s inbox or our

This is the game everyone! I told ya this is easy and you should believe me this time~

Please take the mystery box, and the picture is what you could find from the mystery box. the ingredients and also some tools to cook. please cook something with the ingredients I gave to you. is it hard? no of course ;_;

How to cook it? I gave you the tools guys:( -slapped-

you just need to find a dish which made from the ingredients above, the most unique, cool, looks yummy will win the game. Members find it and discuss it with your leader on direct message. Leader has the VERY important role to choose the picture. you could make your team win or lose. so please be wise to choose. You could make more than a dish (which is you should send us more than one picture), it’ll be more good too.

the leader should direct message admin after you choose your dish.

what if some groups picture and dish same? sajangnim will tell you and unfortunately the group should change the dish and also the picture.

this game will be finished at 20.00 KST. I give you more than an hour to cook.

Any Question? Mention us juseyo :)

Summer Event ㅡ Summer Camping


Hello everyone, sadly say, Summer has comes to its end and Autumn has approaching from north. Have you guys ready? Let’s end our summer season with an eventㅡ it’s summer camping!

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We receive alot of votes through tumblr, and twitter. We will surely post your dm and message. Not to tell everyone’s privacy, but we do this so you guys will believe us hahaha ^^ Transparancy kekeke

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Cheers!!!! Summer has comeeee! Bored because you want to have some vacation? if you are free, just come to pinkcloudrp’s event for this summer! It’s been awhile since PCRP being active and make an event. After our admins discussed about this, we actually decide to make a vote. We have some plans but we think it’s will be good if we listen to your idea too. We will explain the events, please check this out x)

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